While working on my Case Study, week (4)

Modern apartment in Hoxton Square, kitchen after renovation, (Lewis, 2017); http://www.marklewisinteriordesign.com/hoxton-square/

As I am still looking for inspiration for my Practice 1: Art and Design module, I found the renovation project of a luxury apartment in Hoxton Square- London quite interesting. The designer, Mark Lewis, embraced the 100-years-old history of the space, borrowed elements and materials from the location and integrated them in the new design, letting these reclaimed elements tell new stories, probably better ones.

The designer salvaged damaged floor boards and made a new, modern kitchen cabinetry of them, among other brilliant achievements done in this particular project. This reminded me that applying sustainable design ideas to creative practice can be so simple and creative at the same time, that a given deserted location can offer not only “space” for one’s project, but also materials, items with countless number of ideas for newer forms of existence instead of their original ones. That’s a notion I want to work on in my project as well.





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