Location, location, location.. week (5)

Gasverket in
Interior view of Gasverket (Gasverket 2017). Available from: http://www.gasverket.se/

I have finally decided on the location for my Practice 1: Art and Design module. I was considering many options in the past weeks but the one I finally chose relates to many aspects of my MA project and fits the theme perfectly. It is the location of Stockholm city’s old gas factory that used to supply the city with its needs for over a century, before it was shut down in 2011. This historic site has many potentials for any given renovation project; it comprises of several historic buildings that used to be part of the gas factory, it is located in one of Stockholm’s most attractive islands surrounded by fabulous green areas and overlooking the sea, and it is currently being redefined as a region with aims to open it for the public and make it a scene for different cultural and social activities. My mind is full of images of how to transfer this magical place to a vivid public space where people of different cultures interact and enjoy being just who they are.




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