Case Study: Warehouse 421, week (8)

In a step towards further development in my studies, I was advised by my (Art and Design 1) module’s teacher to explore the interior program of my project. So I started searching for relevant case studies that can give me inspiration and knowledge in this regard. This project, (Warehouse 421), was mentioned to me by a fellow classmate in the previous semester and I became interested with it ever since.

General view over Warehouse 421 (Warehouse 421 2017). [Online] Accessed from: (Accessed on 13-08-2017]

Designed by the famous Danish architectural practice Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG), this Urban Oasis was intended to revive the industrial district around it, and to add cultural and social depth to the port area of the surrounding Mina Zayed. The dynamic interior design layout included functions like workshops, art galleries, Scenes for performing arts, outdoor film shows and many more colorful functions that promote the cultural identity of the people, enhance their sense of belonging to the space they are visiting, and encourage them to express themselves culturally and artistically.

I find the design idea quite impressive and very close to the essence of my MA project, as I intend to revive the project’s cultural context through modern and socially engaging activities, aim to integrate different categories of the Swedish society under one roof and focus on employing surrounding nature in the interior design itself by using environmentally friendly materials and allow daylight and greenery to penetrate the building’s different functions dynamically.




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