Art Deco: Art of the Beautiful Machine.. Week (12)

Who didn’t enjoy “The Great Gatsby” and marvel over the fancy details of 1920s Hollywood glamour that surrounded the characters? The Living Machine I imagine my project to be was built in 1893 in the form of Värtagasverket. The building was representative of its time and styles, and the fact that it flourished as a Gasplant during the beginning of the 20th century brings to mind the artistic celebration of machinery in that time by art styles like Art Deco.

Wallpaper from the movie The Great Gatsby. Available from: [Accessed: 7th September, 2017]
I am inspired by the way this artistic movement has dealt with machinery, all the patterns, the colors, textures and designs that were borrowed from that era’s industries, the decorations and embellishment. The celebration of the 1920’s machinery can continue to our current day through elements and color palettes from Art Deco movement, like the blended use of metals, velvet textured fabrics, greenery elements and exotic natural symbols that remind of Safaris, all can add a distinctive flavor to the project’s interiors.

Song of Style (2017). Art-Deco-inspired Pink Sofas and Pastel floor of Sketch restaurant. Available from:





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