Inspiring Furniture.. Week (12)

I always tend to think of furniture items as the leading actors on the scene of any given interior design project. The way these items resemble our personalities, reflect our moods and adjust to our practical needs, give them a a key factor in any interior design project.

Eichholtz Trapezium Chair
Houseology (2017), Eichholtz Trapezium Chair. Available from:

When imagining the restaurants that are suggested in my MA Project, I think of Art-Deco inspired furniture pieces that are in velvety-pastel colors with graceful metallic details.

blush chair example
Blush Couch against a rough brick wall. TRIO | Corner armchair. Available from:

However, I would pick less articulate/ more practical items for other functions inside the project like the meeting rooms or the Cafe’s, as the focus will be on providing required comfort for longer hours of usage and more relaxed forms of seating.

Pinterest. Relaxed seating. Available from:




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