Reflective Post.. Week (12)

When analyzing the experience of expressing my ideas and project development through this blog for the past 9 weeks, I realize I managed to document my progress in an organized and modern manner that made it possible for me to keep track of my development, and find inspiration among the different topics of the posts I uploaded to the blog. I have a personal blog myself and used to post different, design related stories to it quite frequently before I started my MA studies, so I am fully aware of the powerful platform of blogging and find it quite amusing to express my ideas and creativity through it. Keeping a detailed periodical journal of my development in the form of a blog gave me further confidence in the path I follow in my design progress, as I described post after post the variable aspects that informed my design process or documented important ideas/ developments of the design project, and formulated it with words and imagery. I understand now why many design professionals have similar channels for self-expression and personal development, and how a blog like this can be a further source of creativity especially when going through the blog’s posts at the times I felt I needed further inspiration, or felt I wasn’t going forward with the set of generated ideas in hand, so I had to go back a few steps backwards in order to gain better outcomes.

In the process of defining my methodology and research approach, I was pleased with the effective set of questions mentioned in the brief, these questions helped me evaluate my research process and define the number of methodologies that I employed to develop my project.

The only side-effect of maintaining a blog while studying on two modules at the same time, is the fact that it demanded extra time from my side to keep posting at the time I was barely capable of coping with working on two modules simultaneously. This resulted in me missing certain activities in both modules, as a result of prioritizing the blog and the chain of ideas I developed there. It’s a pity this happened as I’m enjoying the overall educational process of studying for my MA degree, I only have trouble with finding enough time to do the required amount of activities and this definitely has affected both the consistency and regularity of posting my stories on the blog, and resulted in unequal amounts of posts per week even though I would be contemplating the content of unwritten posts in my mind, but had trouble finding the time slot to actually write it down and post it to the blog.

Another challenge I was facing when first starting to work on the blog was managing the Harvard Standard Referencing System, that took longer time for me to apply correctly and frequently, but with helpful feedback from tutor and constant practicing, I managed to use the system efficiently.

All in all, I find this blog interesting and totally worth the time and effort it demands, and I hope I can continue working on it in the coming modules as well.


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