The Spa: To be continued next module.. Week (12)

As time is almost finished for Semester C of 2017, my mind shifts focus sometimes to the point where I will pick up the work for my project next semester, that point is the Basement floor: the Spa. It is dedicated for the well being of target users that I intend to bring together under this building’s roof. The luxury and vitality of Spas has been rooted in many cultures around the world. Rumor has it that wars were planned during warm and cozy Roman baths, brides of Damascus were prepared for their weddings in traditional Spas in June, while friends enjoyed chitchatting during their regular Turkish Bath in Istanbul.

Axonoview Scan
Abod, W. (2017). An axonometric view showing the basement floor. Ink and coloring pencils. Art and Design module, Practice 1. MA project studies

I am planning on dividing the Spa area into different cells and zones that are interconnected with each other, yet provide privacy and seclusion for the user. The sensational natural fragrances, water areas, colors and textures of Ceramic tiles among other things, shall all expand the visitor’s sense of relaxation, and prepare their minds for different social interactions that take place on upper floors.

a mano turquisemix1
A Mano Turquisemix, Stiltje (2017). Available from:×11/




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