Changing Platforms..

During the break before the start of this final semester, I spent time considering available methods and options to deveolp my MA project further, especially that I was relatively behind at achieving my goals for the previous module (Major Studies 1). So I have decided to use Autodesk Revit program as the main digital platform for modelling and illustrating my MA project, due to the effictiveness of this software at illustrating architectural project, and for the importance using this software brings to my career as an architect in general, as I intend to use this project as a portfolio that showcases all my abilitiies both as designer and a BIM specialist.

Of course this decision wasn´t comepletly risk-free, since I last used this software 2 professionally was at my work years ago, before I stated a long maternity leave from work that ended just 5 weeks ago, so when I got back to work and started using this software again, I encountered minor delay especially that the lastest version of the program is a bit different than the last one I used before my leave. But now I can say that I regained my effectivity at using this software and I am making progress faster than before.

I have been working 2-3 hours almost every night for the past 3 weeks in order to achieve my purpose at fully model my project in Revit software. I only wanted to produce more detailed drawings before I send you my first feedback for this semester, but now I am sending you the drawings of the current satus of the model even though it still reqiures more work.

It has been very difficult to study since I got back to work 5 weeks ago. It is quite exhasuting to work 2-3 hours late at night when I already had a long day of working at the my architectural projects at my job and take care of my family later. The situation is very challenging this semester but I hope I will achieve my goals successfully in the end. My current focus is solely on achieving a mature Revit model of my project, but I also intend to focus on the reserach and contextual information of the project later once I reach satisfying results at the Revit model. I informed my boss that I intend to take 10 days of break before the 18th of january, to be fully devoted to my MA project during that time. In the meanwhile, I´ll continue working according to my current plan of continue progressing in the Revit model every night untill I reach satisfying results in both the exterior level of detaling and the interior articulation of spaces, architectural elements, furniture, materials, etc.


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